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About the Mueller Record (1910-1983)

This magazine was published by the company from 1910 through 1983. It generally was published monthly but not consistently so, and in some years only one or two issues were produced. The purpose and content changed over time. The original issues intended only as a communication between salesmen and headquarters – telling salesmen of new products and tactics while seeking information from the field on competitor’s product’s and practices. The scope and audience quickly broadened to include information on worker’s, facilities and products with distribution to any interested employee. Gradually, the publication’s popularity led to increasing its readership among customers and more product promotion was introduced. In 1933 the Mueller Record – Inside Edition began publishing the employee interest material and the original magazine continued its path to becoming a trade publication for an outside audience.

Please be aware that a few of the historical documents in this library may depict racist imagery, caricatures of African Americans and Native Americans, sexist portrayals, or other offensive content. They are included in the collection to document history accurately. Such items do not represent the views of the Hieronymus Mueller Family Foundation or the present-day Mueller Company.

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